Displays & Wayfinding

Information Displays Modules

Modules exist for flight, gate, baggage, check-in and high-brightness outdoor LED display management. Each module requires device connection licenses for each active display output.

  • Multi-format (FIDS, BIDS, GIDS, RIDS, Digital Advertising, Touch Screen)
  • Drag-and-drop display design
  • Automated schedule updates/Manual schedule updates
  • Visual effects (gradients, transparency, rounded corners)
  • Video, Image, Web content
  • Multilevel security
  • Visual Paging to comply with Disabilities Acts
  • Simple/Inexpensive hardware
  • Multilingual displays
  • Idle pages content
  • Full Image Server for scheduled advertisements
  • Terminal Maps in display and touch screen options
  • Integrated Gate Management operational displays
  • Streaming content (news, ad network content)
  • Destination weather
  • Baggage Input Displays/Devices
  • Display, Web & Mobile Cross-browser supported
  • Mobile FIDS for Taxi/Shuttle
  • Hospitality FIDS for hotels
  • Wayfinding

Image Server Multimedia Module

Allows access to the image/video repository and media scheduling features. Access to this module user-interface may require additional iFIDS Framework concurrent user licenses. This module requires and relies on the Information Displays module and activation of multimedia and advertising displays may require additional device connection licenses for the Information Displays module.

Weather Information Module Icon

Weather Information Module

The Weather Information Module allows access to weather information for use on flight, gate, check-in, or other kinds of display. This module requires and relies on the Information Displays module.

Airport Website Tools

hamiltonThe iFIDS solution for allows for simple integration with the airport’s web site using screen design tools in the Flight Information Display System or via a simple .xml data feed to your web site.