System Architecture

iFIDS is a true browser-based solution, allowing users to access the system through a web browser. The application can be installed on a web-server on your network or can be provisioned as a turn-key cloud-hosted service. Because there is nothing to install on individual user computers, more individuals will have access to the system and end-user IT maintenance considerations are virtually removed.

Technology Platform

The following server hardware and software specifications assume an in-house installation where iFIDS will be deployed on a server on your premises.

Server Hardware

Component Qty
Web/App/Database Server 1

Supporting Server Software

Component Qty
Microsoft Windows Standard Server 1
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 1
Crystal Reports Advanced or Developer 1

Scalability of server hardware is addressed using integrated aspects of the Microsoft Windows server platforms. Load-balancing and server clustering technologies, which operate at the operating system level and do not affect iFIDS, allow your organisation to add and/or rotate newer and more powerful hardware into the server cluster as necessary.

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